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Asset Protection Planning

We can assist you in protecting assets from a variety of dangers, including loss of your wealth to a Nursing Home, a creditor, or a spouse. Asset Protection Planning designed to acquire government benefits, is commonly undertaken when a person is advancing in age, or has a foreseeable possibility of residing in a Nursing Home at a future time. While early planning gives us more options, it is never too late to protect your assets if you or a loved one requires admission to a Nursing Home.

There are a variety of techniques that we can employ to assist you in protecting your assets from the claims of creditors, excess estate taxes, or other dangers. We have successfully helped clients retain their wealth in the face of adversity.

Part of estate planning includes a familiarity with and the ability to draft a Prenuptial Agreement. Second marriages are increasingly common, and a well crafted Prenuptial Agreement can preserve your wealth for your family, while at the same time addressing the needs of a new spouse. We also find more frequently that even young clients engaging in a first marriage are seeking out our assistance in preparing a Prenuptial Agreement to deal with issues such as potential inherited wealth, and other assets which they may wish to keep separate in the event of their premature death, or divorce.

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