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Seniors are more active and live longer than ever before, but they have a new set of legal concerns that have rarely been addressed by earlier generations. Older people have always needed Wills and Estate Planning to pass their assets to their beneficiaries. Now that they are living longer, there are more issues about their future care that have to be included in Estate Planning, such as plans for housing, future medical care, and what to do if the person should become incapacitated. One of the most important questions that is being raised is how to provide long-term housing, with possibly increasing levels of care, as the seniors age. This, in turn, is giving rise to a whole new industry of senior living facilities and raising many legal questions about contract rights and the power of facilities to discharge residents. As continuing care becomes more and more expensive, seniors are also in need on information about long-term care insurance and government benefits.

Our elder law attorney will help you understand the complex issues of elder law.

This complex area of legal practice is the intersection of many areas of the law. It requires a specific and detailed knowledge of Medicaid, Medicare, estate planning, healthcare options, taxes and other issues which relate to older adults, many of whom are facing immediate crises. Often the focus of elder law is to preserve and protect assets, but it is also to protect and preserve the family.

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