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Testimonials From Our Valuable Customers

Please read about some of our many clients that have expressed their views about the Kroll Law Firm. We also encourage our customers to send us your stories about our law firm. Please fill out the quick form below to submit your story.

You stood up and bend over backwards to help me. You are a positive force in my life. I cannot thank you enough

- Alicia

Caroline and I thank you for all kindness in the way you and your staff administered my will.

- Alton R.

Thank you for the excellent representation on my behalf. I'm so glad I came to you.

- Annie

Thank you for “making it happen” with my father’s Medicaid.

- Barbara

Thank you for your time and explanation of the Living Trust. We were very impressed with your honesty.

- Bill & Shirley H.

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the very efficient work you did on mine and Robin's behalf. It's a pleasure to put your life in such competent hands.

- Bill M.

We have been very satisfied with everything from you and your office!

- Bob M.

You have been so kind to me for our legal needs. All of the time and expertise that you provided to us, is appreciated more than I can say... I will look forward to seeing you when I need more of your good advice.

- Carol

I am grateful for the respect you have given me as a professional

- David G.

Thank you. These two little words mean a lot when they come from the heart.

- Evelyn

Thank you so much for your help.... You were a brilliant lawyer in court.

- Heidi L.

Irene and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for providing outstanding professional services to our company.

- Jane S. & Irene C.

Thank you so much for all your help- It wouldn't have been possible without you. I appreciate your time and attention to this difficult family situation!

- Jeanne B.

I want to thank you both for all of your moral, professional and emotional advice of the last few months. You are both truly special people.

- Jill T.

Thank you for your terrific staff and excellent work... I want you to know that I truly appreciate everything you have done for my family and me.

- JoAnn M.

You’ve been a blessing, and I will be certain to “pay forward”
your generosity when the time comes.

- John

I really appreciate your help and advice in this matter. It is always refreshing to work with someone as honest and straightforward as you have proven to be

- John C.

Words cannot express how very much I appreciate your legal expertise, your professionalism, your ethics and your communicative skills.

- Laurie M.

We feel extremely comfortable referring business to you

- Linda

I appreciate the job you did. It was quite thorough. Nice to see that some lawyers know their stuff. You are one of them

- Marc F.

Thank you so much for all that you did to help.... Working with you made this experience smooth and stress-free. We truly felt that we were taken care of by people that we trust.

- Mark & Jennifer D.

I want to express to you my sincere thanks for the very professional manner in which you recently handled my affairs.... Also, your personal expression of sympathy to me, my son and daughter, was very much appreciated.

- Paul

Thank you for our excellent consultation. It is far better to engage the future with answers rather than speculation.

- Richard

Rochelle and I want to thank you so much for all of your time and generosity in preparing our documents. You made what can be a difficult and emotional procedure a stress-free experience.

- Rob & Rochelle M.

Thank you for the continued kindness... for your sense of humor and for the great consideration you have shown... Your expression of fondness for the attorneys in my family touched my heart. May your kindness come back to you in all important ways.

- Rosanne

As we continue to serve the friends of In Touch Ministries in your area, it is good to know there is someone like yourself that is knowledgeable and experienced in the field of estate planning.

- Scott T.

There is no other person I could think of that I could trust to understand my complex family... I feel good about what we have accomplished.

- Sue

Thank you for your expertise, plus for your kindness and friendship during the challenging time in our lives

- Tony

Thank you for your recent efforts associated with the preparation of legal matters involving my parents. I appreciate the time you took coming to their home, and your simplistic, down-to-earth approach.

- Tony D.

On behalf of the YWCA of Rochester and Monroe County, the "Women's Resource Center" would like to thank you for agreeing to share information about Estate Planning with our staff and residents.

- Virginia W.