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Dinolfo Warns Seniors of Apparent Mail Scam
There's a serious scam targeting seniors in the Rochester area that may have already made its way to your mailbox. County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo sent out a warning about a survey packet being mailed to social security recipients.  It promises a $65 dollar increase in your social security check if you send in the survey, a donation, and your credit card information.

"My wife and I were complaining about that just yesterday - about the volume of scam mail that we get,” said Mick Cole, a 71-year old retired attorney. Cole’s complaint is not unique. Seniors in the Rochester area are getting an official looking survey packet urging you to complete a survey. The group sending out the mailers is called ironically, The Seniors Trust.

"This organization is a scam.  They have a Facebook page. They have a web presence.  They sound legit, but they're not," said Mary Rose McBride, Vice President of Communications and Marketing for Lifespan of Greater Rochester.

The scam also makes reference to a real piece of legislation, the Social Security Expansion Act.

But that's all that's real. The mailer sounds urgent - telling seniors they must return the survey within seven days.

“This particular mailer is dangerous because it makes people think that they have to act fast. They're not thinking through the content,” said McBride.

The lengthy mailer plays on seniors’ fears telling them that “Washington is thinking about cutting your social security benefits.”  Then it asks for a $17 donation and your credit card information.

“Once they have your credit card number they can do anything with it," McBride warns.

Don't be fooled if you get this packet, it’s best to take Mick Cole’s advice, “If it looks too good to be true, think before you respond.”

To avoid falling victim to this scam or any other, here's Deanna's Do List.

1. Be wary if you're asked to act immediately.  
3. Never share your credit card or banking information
2. Be wary of mailers if you didn't initiate contact.  
4  Report scams to the FTC.


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